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Custom Transformers:  Marvel Electric Corporation manufacturers custom transformers for commercial and industrial applications (see below for details). Most of our products are custom manufactured to our customer's specifications. To request a quotation, please contact us and supply us with your custom specifications.
Custom Transformers
Custom Commercial and Industrial Type Transformers:
If required for your application, we can design your custom transformer to a UL recognized insulation system from Class B through Class H. We may be able to support UL, CSA, CE, TUV, VDE approval requirements upon your request. Our EIA Code is 989. All of our commercial and industrial products are RoHS compliant.
   High End Consumer Audio Amplifier
   Musical Instrument Amplifier
   Machine Tool Controls
   Motion Controls
   Packaging Equipment
   Battery Chargers
   Computer & Peripherals
   Measurement & Inspection Instruments
   Avionics & Aviation
   Motor Speed Controls
   Lighting & Signal
   Marine Equipment
   Many More...please contact us
Types of Commercial and Industrial Manufacturers Supported:
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