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Marvel Electric Corporation

Location: 3425 N. Ashland Ave.
               Chicago, IL 60657

Telephone: 773-327-2644
Fax: 773-327-0820
Email: marvelelec@aol.com

Established: 1955
EIA Code: 989
Business Type: Small Business
SIC Code: 3677
NAICS Code: 334416 & 335311
HS Code: 8504314035 & 8504314065
Number Of Employees: 15 at this location
Plant Facility Size: 30,000 square feet at this location

Magnetic Components, Inc. is a division of Marvel Electric Corporation. Please see their website for details and contact information at magneticcomponents.net
About Us:  Marvel Electric Corporation has been a leader in transformer manufacturing since 1955. We established ourselves as a major transformer producer during the height of the radio and TV era of the 1950's and 1960's in the Chicago area, the hub of transformer manufacturing at that time in the USA.

We currently specialize in nylon bobbin wound transformers in large, medium and small production runs. We achieve high efficiencies while maintaining high quality and low cost in our transformers.
Custom Transformer Types Available:

Power Transformers
Audio Transformers
Pulse Transformers
Switch Mode Transformers
PCB Mounted Transformers
Specialty Coils
EI, UI & Ferrite Core Transformers
       Others?....Please contact us!
Location: Centrally located on a major Chicago thoroughfare.
Experience: Over 50 years of service to the electronics industry.
Size: In excess of 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
Services: A technical team at the very leading edge of the transformer art that is primarily concerned in providing the customer with the optimum design for all of your custom magnetic needs. Our sales group understands the customer's importance and is capable of providing direct answers to any and all of your questions.
Quality: Our exacting inspection requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process is supported by rigid engineering documents in a true, high quality environment. We 100% test all of our transformers to insure these high quality standards.
Cost: Extensive automation coupled with production incentives enables our customer's inductive components to be priced extremely low and competitive.
Please contact us if you would like additional information or a quotation on your transformer requirements.
Made In USA
Quality Transformers
Catalog Transformer Types Available:
We predominately make custom transformers to our customer's specifications but also manufacture a line of catalog transformers.
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